Monday, February 21, 2011

Cats are like potato chips. You can never have just one.

What amazes me is how much this little creature can trust me so blindly. She trusts that I wont hurt her or try to eat her and she trusts that I will put food in her bowl and give her water to drink. Her existence depends on me. The connection and love I feel with her is really something special. This post is dedicated to my kitty, miss Guacamole. 

xo AO


  1. Aaww cute! I'm rather a dog-person but i loveee cats too! Patrick's parents have to new kittens and I could take photos of them all of the time :)
    Unfortunately I'm allergic so I envy everyone who is able to have a furry pet ;)

  2. =( I want a kitty so badly! My roommates have vetoed my every pet move. Sigh...just fuels my plan to move out within the year. Your cat is lovely, and so are you.

  3. I really like that bottom photo! (And I love my kitty too)

  4. in every photo ur hair looks different (which is a good thing) & u wear such cute outfits!

  5. I feel the same with my pets. They are truly amazing creatures, to have so much faith in us to look after them & for them to know when to sit with us & be with us when we need it the most. I love animals.

    She is a very lovely looking cat :-)

    I stumbled across your blog via Ashley over at under those neon lights, via her blog love post...

    Good morning to you.

    xo Amy.

  6. Ahhh I love this post
    Everytime look at my kitty she puts a smile on my face :)