Tuesday, August 10, 2010

'DIY Tuesday' wool catnip toys

Hello darlings!
I have been reading your blogs and noticing a fair amount of us have cats. In honor of that, this weeks DIY is for us cat lovers!
toys made out of wool stick to the kitties claws and makes for hours of entertainment, for both us and the cat!
you will need: wool (can be found at all major craft stores)
any kind of yarn (I prefer wool)
rotary cutter or fabric scissors, wool is very thick.
cut out two squares of wool approximately 3 inches in length and width.
cut out the desired shape.
time to start stitching!
stop stitching about 3/4 the way through to stuff the toy.
fill up enough to last but not so much to where its coming out of the seams
finish stitching and double, maybe even triple knot.
give to kitty and enjoy!
have fun!

xo AO and Guacamole


  1. love love love.
    I am going to make this this weekend! <3

  2. yay! have fun! let me know how they turn out and what shapes and such!

  3. I know my kitties will love this! And your cat's name is Guacamole?!?! No way! Too cute! And so original

  4. hey fancy pants!
    your blog is rather cute indeed!
    just putting it out there!
    love your stuff x